Father’s Day Gift Guide-2021- Book Lovers

Are you looking for a Father’s Day gift for your dad this year? Is your dad a reader? Does your dad love books? Not sure what to buy Dad, other than a gift card for the local book store? Here is my Father’s Day Gift Guide for your Book Lover dad.

Growing up my dad was always reading. This is where I got my love of reading from. I know I am not a dad, but I have a good idea of what I would buy my dad for Father’s Day when it comes to reading accessories.

Happy Father's Day

So here is my list of gifts that are better than a gift card to dad’s favourite book store. Although a gift card for books is also a great gift. Some of these gifts can be paired with a gift card, to make it extra special.

Books About Dad

These are some of my favourite books to give dad or grandpa. They are fill in books that kids can fill in the blanks to write a personalized story about dad. And you don’t need to be a kid to buy one and fill it out.


If dad likes comedy, I would suggest Year Book by Seth Rogan. I have been listening to this book on Audible and it is definitely full of laughs. So if your dad is a fan of funny and Seth Rogan, this book is for him.

Is dad a fan of James Patterson? He has a new book our right now, The President’s Daughter. If dad liked the The President is Missing, then this may be a great idea for dad. It releases on June 7, 2021.

Another great gift idea is an e reader. With summer arriving at the same time as Father’s Day this year, an e reader is a perfect accessory for long hot summer days of reading. Newer models are perfect for the beach or at the lake because many are water resistant.

Kindle e readers link to your Amazon account, giving you access to a large library of books online.

Kobo e readers link to your local library, giving you access to a huge library of books and magazines that can be borrowed.

Book Marks

There are many different book marks available to buy for dad. You can find personalized types that have sayings about dad, and some have favourite book quotes. Some have favourite characters as well, like Marvel and Star Wars. Book marks can be made of paper, wood, leather or metal. Here are some ideas:


Novelty Gifts

There are many novelty gifts out there for dad when it comes to reading. Here are a few suggestions:


Let’s face it, sometimes dads like to read in the bathroom

Mugs, because coffee and books go together. So do tea and books.

Non Book Gifts (that are still perfect for dads who love to read)

There are some things that book lovers like that are not actually book related. These are items that may pair well with a good book, things that help you relax while reading.

Favourite coffee or tea, paired with a nice coffee mug.

If your dad likes whiskey, a small bottle of whiskey and a whiskey glass paired with an inspirational book mark. You can even add gift card to the local book store in the glass. Many people like to relax with a glass of whiskey and a good book. (If dad prefers a different spirit that can be substituted for the whiskey)

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