Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2021-BBQ Edition

Father’s Day Gifts- BBQ Edition

Are you looking for that something special for Dad for Father’s Day? Here are my suggestions for Dad this year. This is the Father’s Day Gift Idea List- BBQ Edition

#1 Dad Burger for BBQ


Favourite BBQ, Smokers and Grills

Charcoal barbecues are my favourite. When cooking outdoors, charcoal is always my favourite way to cook, and I will always choose it over gas. I own two Weber kettles that get used a lot, and they are what I recommend when anyone asks which charcoal barbecue to buy. And the colours available make them a great addition to any backyard, since you can find a colour to match almost any decor.

Smokers are great for anyone who likes to spend the day outside in anticipation of tasting the long and slow cooked brisket. These are also perfect for pulled pork. They are not for anyone who doesn’t have patience. Smokers take half a day or more to cook but the end results are worth it. I own a Traeger Pellet Smoker and an Oklahoma Joe wood Smoker. Both are used but the wood smoker is used more often.

Our gas grill is a Cuisinart. It is technically Stacy’s BBQ, but I use it occasionally. Everyone in the family loves using the gas grill. Even our 14 year old uses it. Our Cuisinart is definitely easy to use and we recommend for anyone.

BBQ Accessories

Burger Stuffer- Burgers are always one of the more popular items requested at a BBQ. And stuffed burgers are a great way to change it up a little. A burger stuffer makes creating stuffed burgers easy.

Digital Thermometer- This is the model I use. I love that it connects to my iPhone using Blue Tooth and can handle up to 6 probes. This is perfect for the smoker, especially when you have more than one food cooking at a time

When I am outside cooking, music is always being played. Having a good speaker with quality sound helps. Sony makes some great sounding speakers that are Blue tooth and portable. We have two that we use and would recommend for your Dad.

Grill mats are a new favourite product for me. They are perfect for shrimp and vegetables to keep them from falling through the grates.They are non stick and you still get grill marks but food can’t fall through the grates. You can even cook eggs on these mats. The one we use is made by President’s Choice. But there are other brands as well like Cookina.

Burger presses are another great idea. These make it easy to make evenly sized burgers.

Cast Iron presses are also a great gift idea. Smash burgers are popular for BBQ and grilling. A press makes these burgers easier to make. Presses are also good for making grilled cheese sandwiches on the BBQ using a grill mat.

BBQ Books

Michael Smith has a new book out this year. Farm, Fire & Feast is a book of recipes used at his restaurant, Inn at Bay Fortune in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Most of the recipes in this cook book are cooked over fire. What could be better?

Aaron Franklin has a couple of books that make great gifts for BBQ enthusiasts. Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto is filled with stories and advice for anyone looking to smoke meat. Franklin Steak is the second book which is all about getting that perfect grilled steak. These two books are also available in a special edition set.

The Barbecue Bible by Steven Raichlen is great for any type of BBQ enthusiast. It is filled with great tips and tricks and is great for reference as well as recipes.

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  1. I have been thinking of getting a new grill for my husband for Father’s Day. Thank you for the suggestions and info on the different ones you suggest.

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