Shopping & Money Saving Tips

With the cost of groceries and everyday needs going up, we decided to share our tips for saving at the grocery store as well as on other purchases.

This is where you will find our blog posts on how to shop for good food and still save. We have been using these tips for years and we are always finding new ways to save. After all, feeding a large family like ours takes a lot of patience and learning.

Disclaimer: some of the links we include in our posts contain affiliate links which means we may receive a small fee if you click on the links at absolutely no additional cost to you. We also will only provide links to products or services that we trust and have used. We will never recommend a product just to make a sale. All products have to have been tested by us personally.

If you’re looking to save on everyday items at Amazon, check out our Amazon Page. We have set up a category filled with “Buy 5, get 5% off” where you’ll find all kinds of products for everyday use as well as other great items.

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Grocery Apps  These days there are apps for everything and apps for saving money on groceries are no exception. Grocery apps are especially popular so this is where I will break it down and tell you which ones we use and how we use them to get the maximum savings.

Rebate Apps For Shopping These apps will save you money when you’re shopping online and in-store. Some will even earn you gift cards to spend at Amazon or money sent to your PayPal account.

How To Save By Buying in Bulk at the Grocery Store  Is buying in bulk worth it? We share our tips and tricks for buying in bulk.