What to Buy The Book Lover On Your List

The countdown to Christmas has begun and like most people, you are probably shopping online this year. And odds are you have a book worm on your list and you have no idea what to buy them. If you are not big on reading, then you may be tempted to just give that book lover a gift card to a book store.

This list will help you find something other than a gift card for that book lover on your list.

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What to Buy The Book Lover On Your List

Practical Gifts

Book Marks! This is something that I can never have enough of. And there are not only paper book marks. Now you can get them made of wood, metal and ceramic. Below are my favorites:


Another great gift is a page holder. These are great for readers to help hold their books open, especially those who may have a hard time holding the book open.

Book Journals are a great gift for the reader who reads a lot. I keep a journal of the books I have purchased so I don’t end up buying the same book twice. (This has happened to me before)

Fuzzy warm blankets make great gifts. Many readers stay up into the wee hours of the night when they start reading a really good book. A blanket is a great gift that will be used throughout those long nights.

Many book readers also enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while reading. Some enjoy a glass of wine. These mugs and glasses make a perfect gift.

Novelty Gifts for The Book Lover

Book Socks are another great gift.

This key chain is also something a book lover would like.

Typography Book pages are a great gift as well. They usually come unframed so you can add a frame if you like.

 What About a Good Book?

This year I read a lot of books. Below are a few of my favorites:

If you are buying a book for someone, make sure you get a gift receipt just in case they have already read that book. I know that it is hard to buy books for me because I read so many books, no one ever knows what I have already read or purchased.

And lastly, one gift I have received that I absolutely love is my Audible subscription. Mike signed me up for a subscription last year and continues to pay the monthly fee so I get a new audio book every month. I love that I can listen to a book while walking, shopping, cooking or doing chores. It was a gift that continues throughout the year (but can be cancelled at any time.)

I hope this list helps to make your gift shopping a little easier this year.


  1. You hit the nail on the head! As a book lover, I’m reading your tips like yep lol. I can picture myself under that blanket, with either tea or coffee in fuzzy socks! Great post. I own a kindle and these tips could definitely work for ebook readers as well!

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