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Sweet Chili Lime Chicken Breasts

Mike and Stacy met over 20 years ago. Their blended family includes their ten children who inspired them to cook and bake.

They have both worked in restaurants throughout their careers and used their experience to cook for family and friends.

Having a large family meant a lot of cooking and baking. And they noticed that many people were curious about their recipes and how they cooked for a large family. 

And this is why they decided that sharing their recipes online was a great way to help others looking for BBQ, homemade meals, and baked goods.

apple cider doughnutsMike

BBQ became my favourite way of preparing dinner. My first BBQ was a charcoal grill. I have owned many Webers over the years and smokers, including Traegers and an Oklahoma Joe. I spent a couple of years using a Kamado Joe.

Now you can find me grilling and smoking even in the winter months. Yes, that means shoveling a path through the snow to the grills sometimes. 

Placing 2nd in a Ribs Competition at a local fair (my first-ever competition) only added to my ambition to learn more about BBQ and Smoking. I read and watched videos on BBQ as well as tested many techniques over the years to perfect my grilling and smoking talents. 

I am a self-taught cook and BBQ enthusiast. I am always up for the challenge of trying something new on the Weber Kettle or the smoker. Charcoal and wood are my go-to ways to cook.


Growing up I watched my grandmother and aunts bake from scratch, while my mother used cake mixes. I always wanted to learn to bake, and at 13, my aunt started teaching me. 

Eventually, I started creating my own recipes like my grandmother did, measuring everything by eye and storing all recipes in my head. Now I measure and write everything down to share with my kids and friends.

I have been asked numerous times for my Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe and my cupcakes have been ordered by friends for many kids’ birthday parties. Christmas Cookie exchanges are where I shine with so many cookie ideas that I have lost track of which cookies I have swapped.

I started using a gas grill that Mike bought me for Mother’s Day in 2020. I love to use it to bake and cook weekday dinners. 

More About Us

They say opposites attract, well that is us. While Mike enjoys beer, Stacy only likes Cerveza with a slice of lime and fancy cocktails. Mike could spend hours outside with his barbecues and smokers, while Stacy likes to create quick meals on the barbecue and develop new recipes for cakes and cookies. 

They also have many things in common, like their love of football, except they can’t agree on which teams to cheer for in the NFL. Mike is a Dallas Cowboys fan while Stacy cheers for the Buffalo Bills. But they can agree on the CFL (Ottawa Redblacks), hockey (Ottawa Senators), baseball (Toronto Blue Jays), and basketball (Toronto Raptors). 

Jalapeno Cheddar Stuffed Pork TenderloinMike and Stacy started this blog to share their love of food and the recipes they create both indoors and outdoors. So if you love BBQ and/or baking, then stay tuned for mouthwatering recipes, tips, and tricks.

Mike shares his BBQ recipes and his love for cooking outdoors using his Weber Kettle and Oklahoma Joe Smoker.  Whether grilling or smoking, he loves to talk about his techniques and discuss new recipes. 

Stacy started barbecuing in 2020 and shares her recipes created on her Cuisinart gas grill. And her new favorite method of cooking outdoors is using a Blackstone Griddle.

There will also be baking recipes, especially in the fall and leading up to Christmas. Stacy shares recipes from her childhood, which were French Canadian baking and great food. There are also new recipes she creates for their family.

espresso brownies

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