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Baking With Kids

With summer vacation here already, are you looking for something to do with your little ones? Especially on a rainy summer day when you can’t get outside? These recipes to bake with kids are great starter recipes and are easy to make even for little hands. We started teaching our kids to bake and cook […]

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Backyard Entertaining Tips

Backyard Entertaining Tips During Summer, the best entertaining usually happens outdoors. Who doesn’t like to be outdoors when the weather is sunny and warm? But although the weather is beautiful in the summer, sometimes there are pitfalls. Many things can cause outdoor entertaining to be uncomfortable. Read on for our Backyard Entertaining Tips. Disclosure: Some […]

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Christmas Cookies and Christmas Movies

Christmas Cookies and Christmas Movies When it comes to Christmas, there are plenty of recipes for Christmas Cookies and a variety of Christmas movies to choose from. Here is a list of some great Christmas movies to watch this year and the cookies that pair well with these movies. Disclosure: Some of the links in […]

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Our Must Have Camping Accessories

Camping Accessories Every summer we go camping and over the years we have found some great products that we cannot camp without. There are also some homemade accessories to make camping easier. From cooking to setup and accessories that are nice to have, here is the list of our must-haves for camping. We have even […]

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Homemade Whipped Cream

I used to serve Cool Whip, Dream Whip or canned whipped cream to my family. Growing up, it was what my mother served me on Jell-O,  pudding or berries. And it was the easiest way to top off a dessert like pumpkin pie.  But then a few years ago I started reading labels when my […]