Paloma Popsicle Cocktail

Paloma Popsicle Cocktail is a refreshing summer drink you can enjoy in the backyard, on the patio, by the pool, or at the cottage by the lake. If you’re looking for a refreshing cocktail to enjoy on a hot summer day, look no further. Paloma Popsicle Cocktails are the perfect cocktail for a hot day.

paloma popsicle cocktail


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Not Your Traditional Paloma

A traditional Paloma is made up of tequila, lime juice, salt, and grapefruit soda. What makes this cocktail different?

To start there is no grapefruit soda. This cocktail uses real grapefruit juice, which is frozen using a popsicle mold. Instead of adding ice to the cocktail that can water down the drink, the popsicle is used to keep the drink cool. And the popsicle can be used as a stir stick in the drink.

Soda water is added to the drink with the popsicle to give the cocktail the fizz of a traditional Paloma. We make our soda water most of the time using our Soda Stream. We have also used Bubly Grapefruit Sparkling water for that extra grapefruit flavour.

A small amount of agave syrup or simple syrup is added for sweetness since grapefruit juice is not very sweet. This can be omitted and a drop or two of a liquid sweetener can be used in its place if desired.

Why Use Grapefruit Juice Instead Of Soda?

The most popular grapefruit soda that could be found in our area is Fresca. We try to avoid artificial sweeteners such as aspartame so we created this drink using fresh grapefruit juice and carbonated water.

ingredients to make a Paloma Popsicle Cocktail

Which Tequila Is Used for Paloma Popsicle Cocktails?

There are different types of tequila and they are all slightly different. This recipe uses silver or blanco tequila. These are cleaner and have more vibrant flavours which pair well with the citrusy flavours of the grapefruit juice and limes.

Gold or Reposado tequila can also be used if you prefer those flavours or if that is what you have on hand.

How To Serve This Cocktail

An 8-ounce whiskey glass is our favourite way to serve these cocktails since they are not tall, making it easier to stir the drink with the popsicle.

Any 8-ounce glass will work. We have made these in cocktail glasses as well when we want to serve something fancier.

When To Serve These Cocktails

For me, anytime is a good time for a Paloma, but these Paloma Popsicle Cocktails are a perfect summer treat.

We like to serve these at BBQs and when friends gather in the summer in our backyard. They are perfect for sitting around the pool or at the lake.

These cocktails are also a great alternative to Mimosas in the morning. Serve them for Mother’s Day with breakfast.

Make It a Mocktail

When serving any kind of cocktails for a get-together, we are always prepared with non-alcoholic options. This cocktail is easily made with alcohol by omitting the tequila in the recipe. Using agave syrup is a great alternative to using tequila.

The mocktail version of this cocktail is also great to serve early in the day. We have enjoyed these alcohol-free on a hot summer morning. Just like a glass of grapefruit juice goes with breakfast, making these as a mocktail is a perfect morning drink in the summer.

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paloma popsicle cocktail

Paloma Popsicle Cocktail

Prep Time 3 minutes
Freezing 12 hours
Total Time 12 hours 3 minutes
Course Drinks
Servings 1 drink


  • 2 oz grapefruit juice
  • oz tequila, silver
  • 1 oz lime juice
  • 1 tsp agave syrup or simple syrup, optional
  • 3 oz sparkling water
  • Lime slice or grapefruit slice for garnish


  • Fill a 2 ounce popsicle mold with grapefruit juice. Freeze until firm.
  • Pour tequila, lime juice, and agave syrup into a glass. Stir.
  • Add grapefruit popsicle to glass.
  • Pour sparkling water over the popsicle.
  • Garnish with a lime or grapefruit slice and enjoy.
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