A Christmas Fruitcake Loaf sliced.
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Christmas Fruitcake Loaf (Alcohol-free)

This easy, alcohol-free Christmas Fruitcake Loaf recipe is perfect for a Christmas brunch or potluck, or as an afternoon treat with a cup of tea or coffee. Ready to eat the day it’s baked, this fruitcake loaf requires no month-long seasoning, making it the perfect last-minute dessert for Christmas. Not Your Traditional Fruitcake Traditional fruitcake […]

Tourtiere filling cooking in an enameled cast iron dutch oven.
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Tourtiere Filling Recipe

Tourtiere is a French Canadian staple, especially around the holidays and throughout the winter months. It is a warm and hearty dish that is perfect to serve in the cold winter months. What is Tourtiere? A tourtiere is a type of meat pie. It is a savory and hearty dish that can be served on […]

Peanut Butter Marshmallow Squares
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Peanut Butter Marshmallow Squares

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without Peanut Butter Marshmallow Squares. Some may call them Confetti Squares, and others call them Peanut Butter Squares. But no matter what you call them, the recipe is similar and delicious.   This is a recipe our twin teenagers ask for every Christmas. The requests usually start around Thanksgiving, knowing […]

four stacked Andes mint chocolate chip cookies with two Andes mints on top and wrapped Andes mints in background
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Andes Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

Minty and chocolatey, these Andes Mint Chocolate Chip cookies satisfy a sweet minty craving every time. This recipe combines a classic cookie with the taste of a popular mint chocolate treat.   Chocolate Chip Cookies Are Classic Who can resist a chocolate chip cookie? Or two? Can one have too many chocolate chip cookie recipes? […]

plate of bourbon chocolate chip cookies with a bottle of bourbon in the background
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Bourbon Chocolate Chip Cookies

There are chocolate chip cookies and then there are Bourbon Chocolate Chip cookies. These cookies are everything you expect in a chocolate chip cookie with a hint of bourbon.   How To Elevate Chocolate Chip Cookies There are many ways to elevate a chocolate chip cookie. You can change the chocolate chips to chunks of […]

Grinch Cookies
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Grinch Cookies

Unlike most Grinch Cookies, these are made from scratch, not a cake mix. These almond-flavoured crackles are a perfect cookie for a Grinch movie night.   No Cake Mix Needed For These Cookies A search online for Grinch Cookies, and you will find many recipes. Crackles have always been a favourite cookie for our family, […]

Layered Christmas Bars on a plate in front of the Christmas tree
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Layered Christmas Bars

Layered Christmas Bars are basically Hello Dolly Bars and I changed the ingredients to make them more festive for Christmas. They have that sweetness you expect from Hello Dolly Bars, along with the crunch with a festive flavour for Christmas. These bars are extremely easy to make. Also known as 7 Layer Bars or Magic […]

Soft Sugared Ginger Snaps
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Soft Sugared Ginger Snaps

Soft Sugared Ginger Snaps are easy to make and they are a great addition to your Christmas cookie list. A twist on the classic ginger snap cookie, these Soft Sugared Ginger Snaps have all the great taste you’d expect in a ginger snap but in a soft, chewy cookie. These Are Not The Typical Ginger […]

M&M Blondies stacked in a pyramid
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M&M Blondies

Buttery, rich and soft, and these M&M Blondies are so easy to make. Perfect for any time of year but especially great at Christmas time. Blondie vs Brownie We have all heard of brownies. They are a very popular treat and dessert. But have you ever had a Blondie? A blondie is like a brownie […]

three cranberry cookies on a plate
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Cranberry Cookies

Soft cookies filled with cranberries and a little white chocolate, Cranberry Cookies make a perfect snack and are great for Christmas time. Cranberries are a Holiday Favourite Cranberries are a holiday favourite but usually, they are used in cranberry sauces and jellies. We prefer cranberries baked into cookies. These Cranberry Cookies are a Christmas favourite […]