close up view of easy homemade waffles

Easy Homemade Waffles

Easy homemade waffles are fluffy and buttery without being overly sweet. Perfect for weekends but also for weekdays because they are so easy to make. Waffles are a popular breakfast and this recipe is so easy to make, you will be making waffles every week! Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases […]

Bowl of cooked ground pork, cinnamon, cloves, all spice, bread crumbs, milk and lard
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French Canadian Cretons

French Canadian Cretons is a traditional French Canadian breakfast meat spread. Although the appearance of the spread may not look appealing, the taste is something else. This recipe for Cretons is a very easy recipe to make and makes enough for a small crowd or for freezing for later use. All it took was a […]

two sausage cheddar biscuits cooking on a flat top griddle
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Sausage Cheddar Biscuits

These Sausage Cheddar Biscuits are grilled on a flattop instead of baked. They have a crispy exterior soft on the inside and every bite is packed with the flavour of cheddar and sausage. They are perfect for breakfast or as a snack. Indulge in the perfect breakfast biscuit with bits of sausage and cheddar cooked […]

plate of three mini pancake muffins with a bottle of maple syrup behind and a pan of mini pancake muffins
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Pancake Muffins

Pancake muffins have all the flavour of pancakes with maple syrup, baked in a muffin. These muffins are easy to eat on the go for a quick breakfast or snack.   These easy Pancake Muffins have become a road trip staple for our family. They are easy to pack up and take on the go. […]

two cinnamon muffins with a bowl of brown sugar and a bowl of cinnamon and 3 cinnamon sitcks
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Low Sugar Cinnamon Muffins

Low Sugar Cinnamon Muffins are not sweet but they are full of cinnamon flavour. They make a great breakfast or afternoon snack. Easy To Make These muffins are easy to make and take very little time to put together. And with only nine ingredients that you probably already have on hand, you can make these […]

Eggs in a hole

Eggs In A Hole

This recipe for Eggs in a Hole is different from the traditional recipe that uses bread. No bread is used in this recipe, making this a healthier version of Eggs In A Hole. And this dish is topped with homemade salsa that not only adds flavour but also boosts the nutrients. (There is a vegan […]

French Toast

Easy French Toast

French Toast is a breakfast favourite, usually served with real maple syrup and a sprinkle of confectioner’s sugar. This easy recipe is simple enough to be made by anyone, with no skills required. What Bread To Use For French Toast The recipe calls for Texas Toast, but you can use any bread of your choice. […]

Breakfast, Chicken and Turkey

Turkey Breakfast Patties

My kids love fast food breakfast sandwiches, but I prefer they eat fresh food made at home. I am always looking for ways to make fast food at home that is healthier, yet easy to make. Turkey Breakfast Patties are a great alternative to traditional breakfast sausage patties and taste great on a breakfast sandwich. […]